Families as the Primary Educators

Dear Brilla staff, families, and friends: 

I hope this update finds you well and enjoying the warmer spring weather! 

I focus this letter on our families. Core to Brilla’s educational philosophy is that families are the primary educators of their children. We believe that education, at its core, is about growing in virtue and, ultimately, love. Families, not schools, then are the primary educators because they are the first ones to introduce their children to love. That is why at Brilla we commit to a robust partnership with parents for the education of their children.

This partnership takes many different forms. Parent-teacher conferences are a key moment for families and teachers to come together to reflect on a scholar’s growth and goals. We are proud to report that this winter we had 100% attendance at our parent-teacher conferences for the ninth consecutive year. But, we don’t wait until conferences to share joys, challenges, and opportunities with families. Teachers are in frequent contact with their scholar’s families, providing updates on their scholar’s progress and answering questions. 

I had the chance to hear from one Brilla Veritas parent, Mary Milfort, who explained: “The teachers communicate with you on a daily basis. Whenever you need them they are there for you. If you send them a text in the morning, they will not let the day go by without texting.” Ms. Milfort shared that when her daughter Thalia was getting ready for kindergarten, she applied to every single charter school in her district. After being offered seats at several different schools, she chose Brilla, and now says, “It is the best thing I have done. [Thalia] amazes me with her reading and math, and I know it is because of what they are doing with her at school.”

One of the ways that we gauge the success of our family partnership is through a satisfaction survey sent out to all families. We are delighted that this year, 98% of parents say they are satisfied or very satisfied with the education their child has received, and 95% of parents said that they would recommend Brilla to other parents. I invite our readers to share the link to apply for a space at Brilla! Student applications for the 2022-23 school year at Brilla are now open, and our lottery will take place on Saturday, April 2. We’re excited to welcome more people into the Brilla family! 

A huge thank you goes to our teachers and staff who continue to “show up” for our scholars on a daily basis with dedication, hard work, and joy. To all of our Brilla families, thank you for entrusting us with the education of your children. To our friends near and far, thank you for your dedicated support and encouragement. We couldn’t do this work without you. 

The process of education in virtue is life-long and demanding, but also joyful because virtues make us freer and happier. At Brilla, we strive to create an intentionally joyful culture. One of the ways that we do this is through celebrations at our schools. We hope you enjoy some of the photos below of festivities from the past few months! 

Wishing you a very joyful spring, and I hope to see you at an event soon!

Warm regards, 

Luanne D. Zurlo

Executive Director, Brilla Schools Network

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