Brilla by the Numbers

Dear Brilla Staff, Families, and Friends,

Welcome to another edition of The Perch! March 12th marked the one-year anniversary of the day school buildings closed amidst a heightening COVID crisis. We have seen firsthand how much some of you are suffering from this pandemic and are in solidarity with you. We have also seen your herculean efforts in the face of such a challenging environment. Below we showcase some highlights of the past year in numbers. We are proud of Brilla’s response to the tremendous challenges of the last year. We think you too will find the statistics impressive. However, these numbers don’t tell the whole story because they don’t tell you about the people who made all of this happen. Indeed, numbers will never adequately capture just how heroic our staff and families have been and just how many sacrifices they’ve made. We hope you have the opportunity to talk to our staff and families. They truly are the best ambassadors for Brilla!

Our staff, scholars, and families are working hard to address COVID learning gaps. While there’s a lot of work to be done, we’re proud of the progress they’re making.

Warm regards,

Luanne D. Zurlo

Executive Director, Brilla Schools Network

Kelsey LaVigne

Chief of Schools, Brilla Schools Network

Joy and creativity abound at Brilla, as seen in this encouraging video from Brilla Veritas.

Categories: Leadership Update

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