Brilla Schools Network: 2017-18 Results

In 2017-18, Seton Education Partners expanded its pioneering
public charter school, Brilla, to two additional campuses—
Brilla’s first middle school and Brilla’s second elementary
school (Brilla Veritas). Growth did not impede success. Since
its founding in 2013, Brilla has consistently achieved academic
growth results that match or beat the most acclaimed charter
schools—and 2017-18 was no different.

Brilla, which means “shine” in Spanish, was founded in
response to the shuttering of 60+ Catholic schools in the
Archdiocese of New York. Brilla pairs a secular charter school
of virtue with El Camino, an optional, privately operated
afterschool Catholic faith formation program. Together with
El Camino, Brilla schools seek to educate the whole child—
mind, body and soul—bridging the best of classical education
with modern 21st century technology.

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