2017-2018 Cardinal of the Year

At the end of the school year, Brilla teachers and students come together to identify four students in each of our schools who most fully exemplify each of our four cardinal virtues, Courage, Justice, Wisdom and Self-Control. In addition, one student across the entirety of each campus is selected to be the Cardinal of the Year. This student best exemplifies all four of our cornerstone virtues.

A current 6th grader, Juan Carlos, was selected as our Cardinal of the Year for middle school. The awards are announced at a very special dinner in June with families and staff. Founding Brilla Middle School principal, Mr. Larsen, presented Juan Carlos with the highly coveted Cardinal of the Year award with these remarks:

“This scholar emulates wisdom by focusing on the ultimate goals of Brilla’s mission: to be a person of good character and spirit and to be prepared for excellence in high school, college, and beyond. This scholar shows this particularly by focusing on their schoolwork, but also by showing kindness towards all. This scholar is not afraid to ask questions to gain further understanding. One teacher has described this student as ‘very selfless’. When asked to describe how this scholar emulates a specific core virtue, one of their teachers struggled to explain, saying, “They represent all core virtues, but most of all, diligence in all that they do.” Always completing all of their work and knowing when to work with urgency but not too fast to miss out or be incorrect. A student in this cardinal’s class said, “this student is an exemplar of character, as well as academic effort.”

Juan Carlos arriving to his first day of 6th grade.

“Every year, this student sets goals and works tirelessly to find a way to achieve them. They may not always be the best, however, they are one of the hardest workers, and that is what will take you far in life.”

As is annual tradition, Juan Carlos was picked up at home by our Cardinal Mascot in a big limousine and driven to Brilla on the first day of school this past August.

1 Comment

  1. Hi Juan Carlos – congratulations on earning Cardinal of the Year! That’s a wonderful accomplishment!

    Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Dan Peters, Cincinnati, Ohio


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